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Bristol 2007: Setting People Free

Jesus in the City:
20 July 2005 - Invitations


The Meeting

The meeting will be on Wednesday 20 July at Pip'n'Jay in Bristol, from 10:00 am to 12:15, with a further meeting from 1:00 to 2:00 pm for anyone interested in local planning - if we decide to go ahead.

All local Christian leaders are invited to this meeting. We have sent out an invitation to everyone and every network we have been able to get the contact details for. If you are not listed, please accept our apologies, and let us know if you can join us.

Networks Invited to the Meeting

  • Bristol Black Council of Churches
  • Celebration Churches Network
  • Churches Together in Greater Bristol
  • Bristol Area Evangelical Alliance
  • ACTS
  • Bristol Area New Wine

People Invited to the Meeting

Who Role Response
Adrian Slade, Canon Churches South West Regional Forum  
Aidan D'Arcy CYM Graduate Bristol  
Alison Beard Key to Life, Bradley Stoke  
Andrew Kellett Salvation Army Attending
Andrew Piggott, Ven Archdeacon of Bath  
Andrew Wallis Bristol Vineyard  
Andy Paget Police Chaplain & Trinity Tabernacle  
Ann Banks BCF  
Anne & Jim White Bristol City Council  
Barry Penn Bristol Methodist Centre  
Chris Ellis, Rev Dr Baptist College, Bristol Cannot attend
Cliff & Val Jeal Various!  
Clive Richards Trinity Tabernacle Attending
Dave Wiles FYT, Bath Cannot attend
David Byrne, Rev St Chad's, Patchway Cannot attend
David Howell CYM, Swindon  
David Lawrence Leading Edge Cannot attend
David Philips Trinity Tabernacle Attending
Dawnecia Palmer, Rev Paradise Chapel  
Debbie Forman CYM, Bristol  
Declan Lang Bishop of Clifton  
Ellie Shopland Portishead Parish Church,Bristol Attending
George Kovoor Principal Trinity College, Bristol  
Graham Wheeler Bristol Soup Run Trust  
Iain Hoskins Baptist College, Bristol  
Ian Mountford Salvation Army  
James Catford Bible Society, Swindon  
Jon Durley Church Army, Ty Bronna, Cardiff Attending
Johnathan Lloyd Mission Bath  
Jones & Gladys Mutemwakwenda Francis Greaves House, Bristol Attending
Korky & Anni Davey Open Air Campaigners  
Lee Barnes Easton Christian Family Centre Cannot attend
Lee Rayfield, Rt Hon Dr Bishop of Swindon Cannot attend
M P Green, Mrs Salem Evangelical Chapel Not sure
Malcolm Widdecombe, Canon Pip'n'Jay Attending
Mark Stonham Redland Parish Church  
Martin Spink Bristol Soup Run Trust  
Michael Hill, Rt Rev Bishop of Bristol Cannot attend
Monica Mills Chaplain Welsh Assembly  
Naomi Knapp Bristol Prayer Wall  
Nigel Hardman Nailsea Methodist Church  
Paul Hazelden Crisis Centre Ministries, Bristol Attending
Paul Tipler Aspire  
Peter Davies Elim@Bristol  
Philip Jinadu Winning Ways  
Rachel Williams Parish Development Advisor, Bristol  
Rhi Day One25  
Richard Martin, Rev St Andrews, Hartcliffe  
Roger Allen Christian Aid  
Roger Sainsbury, Bishop Portishead Bristol Attending
Simon Stevens St. Mary Redcliffe School, Bristol Attending
Stewart North Ebenezer Evangelical Church  
The Principal Wesley Theological College, Bristol  
  Urban Ministry & Theology Unit, Newcasle  
Alison Brown Tearfund  
Andrew Davey Urban Bishops' Panel Cannot attend
Ann Morisy Commission on Urban Life and Faith  
Ann Weatherley-Barton Editor Urban Bulletin  
Arlington Trotman CCRJ  
Bruce Stokes ECUM  
Chris Erskine Shaftesbury Society  
Chris Shannahan Methodist Urban Strategy Unit  
Christine Jones, Rev Urban Theology Unit, Sheffield Attending
David Grimwood Church in Society, Maidstone  
David Tudor National Churches Estates Network  
Dawn Lonsdale UNLOCK  
Derek Parnell Manchester  
Erica Dunmow Urban Mission Dev. Advisor  
Fran Beckett Church Urban Fund  
Graham Routley Urban Vision  
Hilary Wilmer Leeds [Trustee]  
Jane Winter Church in Society, Maidstone  
Jenny Richardson Church Army College Cannot attend
John Hayward S.U. Justice & Peace  
Joy Maderios Faithworks  
Kathryn Copsey CURBS  
Keith Wood ECUM Chair  
Malcolm Duncan Evangelical Alliance  
Michael Eastman ECUM Attending
Neil Johnson Birmingham Central Mission  
Niall Cooper Church Action on Poverty  
Nils Chittenden CCWA Durham Cannot attend
Paul Keeble Urban Presence  
Richard Reddie C.T.E Project Director for Bicentenary Slave Trade Act 2007 Attending
Richard Zipfel Senior Policy Advisor, Catholic Bishops Conference Cannot attend, but will try to find a replacement
Stephen Weatherley-Barton ECUM  
Stuart Jordan Methodist London Mission  
Stuart Murray Williams Urban Expression  
Terry Jones Urban Officer Baptist Church  
Uzo Kumi Catholic Association for Racial Justice  
Wesley Erpen British Association of City Missions  
Bruce Rock Youth Link Belfast  
Patton Taylor, Prof. Principal Union Theological College Belfast [Chair Trustees] Attending
Linda Dunnett ICC Urban Mission Liason Officer Cannot attend
Martin Johnston UPA Officer [Trustee]  


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