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Bristol 2007: Setting People Free

Jesus in the City



Following a meeting at Pip 'n' Jay on 20 July 2005, it has been agreed that the Jesus in the City UK Urban Congress will be held in Bristol from 14 - 18 June 2007.

Christian leaders from across Bristol were invited to this meeting, and given the chance to respond to this opportunity, either by returning a paper form or by completing an online questionnaire.


There is more information about Jesus in the City and the background to the 2007 congress on the official Jesus in the City web site:

You can download a flyer and form to register interest:

Details of the Open Meeting on 20 July 2005:

Details of the Open Meeting on 8 May 2006:

We have some email lists:

  • jitc-info. This is an open, moderated list for anyone who wishes to be kept informed about plans for Jesus in the City.
  • jitc-consult. This is a closed list for those on the Jesus in the City Consultative Group. If you are a church leader in Bristol or have some other expertise or experience to offer, you are welcome to sign up to this list.

Members of the JITC Executive Group can get the notes of the Executive Group meetings here:


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