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Christians working together for social justice in Bristol

"Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free..." (Isaiah 58:6-7)

Homeless Forum

The BCAN Homeless Forum was established in 2001 to coordinate the voluntary homelessness services provided by churches, to provide training in service delivery and to provide a reference point for related secular organisations.

Homeless Forum meetings are currently held every two months and are primarily for networking. Active links are sought with related statutory organisations (like the council) and other charities in order that we can consider the implications of their activities and priorities for our work.

Our vision for our city

The Bristol Christian Action Network (BCAN) exists to help every Christian in Greater Bristol respond to social needs within the city. The Bible reminds of us of our obligation to serve the poor but in our complex society it is not always easy to know who we must serve, how we must serve them, or indeed, whether anybody else is doing the serving in the name of the church.

BCAN exists as a uniting body for the churches to enable coordinated Christian social action across Bristol. We are committed to supporting long term change in Bristol and working with churches of all denominations, statutory organisations and the voluntary sector to see relief from injustice happen right here in our city.

We will do this by...

  • Finding out what is happening within Greater Bristol with regard to Christian social action.
  • Developing an awareness of what gaps there are in the range of help which can be given by churches and missions in relation to the needs of the community.
  • Encouraging churches that are richer in resources (skilled people/manpower/money) to share with those churches that are harder pressed.
  • Providing an umbrella body under which churches are able to embark on a shared piece of work.
  • Enabling churches to have a voice on issues both within Bristol and nationally around social need.
  • Establishing links with statutory bodies and national organisations.
  • Providing an envisioning and training facility for Christians within the Bristol churches.


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