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Christmas Closures 2014



These are the details of the Christmas closures we have been told about.


Bristol Soup Run Trust

Open: Tuesday 23 December.

Close: Wednesday 24 December (Christmas Eve) to Wednesday 31 December.

Open: Thursday 1 January

Caring at Christmas

Open: 3 pm on Wednesday 24 December (Christmas Eve) and then remains open 24 hours a day until after breakfast on Thursday 1 January (New Year's Day).

Julian Trust

Open: Monday 22 December as usual.

Close: after breakfast Tuesday 23 December.

Open: Friday 2 January.

Wild Goose

Open: as usual Tuesday 23 December.

Open: for breakfast only, 9 to 11 am Wednesday 24 December (Christmas Eve).

Closed: 11 am, Wednesday 24 December (Christmas Eve) to Thursday 1 January (New Year's Day).

Open: 10 am as usual Friday 2 January.


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