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Copies of the following documents are generally available at each meeting of the Homeless Forum and the training sessions. They may be downloaded from this site, and paper copies can be obtained on request from Crisis Centre Ministries.

More information about the survey we organise each year can be found on the Survey page.

BHF Documents


  • BCAN Homeless Forum: An Introduction: PDF.
  • Communities of Practice: PDF.

For Discussion

  • Draft Confidentiality Policy: PDF.
  • Current CCM Confidentiality Agreement wording example: PDF.

Homelessness Survey 2012

More information about the survey can be found on the Survey page.

  • The Survey Questions: PDF.
  • Guidance Notes: PDF.

Homelessness Survey 2008

  • The Survey Questions: PDF.
  • Guidance Notes: PDF.

Homelessness Survey 2007

  • The Survey Results: PDF.
  • The Survey Questions: Word, PDF.
  • The Publicity Posters: Word, PDF.

Membership Pack

These three documents are slightly updated from the versions sent out to the BHF mailing list early in February 2005.


The volunteer training documents can be found on the volunteer training page.

  • Working with Volunteers: PDF.
  • The Risks of Creating a Contract with Volunteers: PDF.


  • The Harm Caused by Drugs: PDF (updated on 12 October 2009 with a minor correction).
  • Outreach Guidelines: PDF.
  • Homeless Count: PDF.
  • Homelessness Consortium: PDF.
  • Places in Bristol offering food, help and advice: PDF.


  • Church for the Homeless: PDF.
  • BEAT (Bristol Employment Action Team): PDF.
  • Salt and Light: PDF.


Shared Documents

Bristol Soup Run Trust

  • Code of Practice: PDF.

Candle Community Centre

The weekly programme is changing due to Kevin Stone's departure. Updated details will be available soon.

Caring at Christmas

  • Client Monitoring: PDF.
  • Customer Feedback: PDF.

Cold Weather Group

  • Volunteer Handbook: PDF.

Crisis Centre Ministries

  • Accommodation for Homeless People in Bristol: Excel, HTML, PDF (last modified 9 July 2004).
  • Confidentiality Policy: PDF (last modified 10 February 2004).
  • The Harm Caused by Drugs: PDF (last modified 12 October 2009).

Redwood House

  • Link Working Protocol: Word.

Council Documents

Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2008-2013

  • Executive Summary: PDF.
  • Details: PDF.
  • Action Plan 2008: PDF.

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