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Feeding the Homeless in Bristol - Draft Agenda


1. Who is here?

2. Who is doing what, when...?

Aim: to identify exactly what provision is currently being made for feeding homeless people in Bristol - establishing a complete list of who is providing what, where and when. This will be helpful to Crisis Centre Ministries, at least!

  • Christian groups
  • Other groups

3. ... and why?

Aim: to consider what are we seeking to achieve. It's maybe not as obvious as we first thought.

4. Ways forward

Aim: a discussion to consider ways in which we could work together or help each other.

We could:

  • Share or agree standards so our clients will find it harder to play us off against each other, and maybe work to develop a code of 'best practice'.
  • Discuss issues of common interest, such as policies on charging, handling violent, abusive and disruptive people, communicating about difficult people and incidents, etc.
  • Expand future meetings beyond the Christian groups

Other ideas?

4. What next?

Aim: a concrete decision.

What do people want to do next? If it is another meeting, who will be invited, by whom, and when? Will it be 'sponsored' by BCAN, VOSCUR, some other group, or stand alone?



People and groups invited to the

Feeding the Homeless in Bristol

Meeting at the Crisis Centre

12 City Road, St Pauls

8 - 9.30 pm on Thursday 6 September 2001



Steve Abbott



Roger Allen



Neil Edbrooke



Alastair MacSorley


Bristol Council

Anne White


Bristol Soup Run Trust

Graham Wheeler


Candle Project

Maureen Baxter


Caring at Christmas

Medina Johson


Christchurch, Clifton

Andrew Dow


Clifton Council of Churches

Ian Henderson


Easton Salvation Army

Janet Bryant


Hope Centre

Silas Crawley


Julian Trust

Meg Grimes


Key to Life, Bradley Stoke

Bruce Kent


Methodist Centre

Richard Barrett



Val Jeal



Malcolm Widdecombe


Saint Mary on the Quay

Kevin Mortimer


Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Richard McKay


Sisters of the Church

The Sisters CSC



Andy Pagett



Clive Richards



Andrew Wallis



Dave Jeal















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