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BHF Agenda - 8 January 2015


6-8pm, Julian Trust, Little Bishop Street



Apologies: Elaine Brightwell (Bristol Methodist Centre), Bev Douglas (School Beat Manager), Martin Firth (Crisis Centre Ministries), Jackie Stephenson (Churches Together in Clifton, Cotham and Redland), Val Thompson (Crisis Centre Ministries, Spring of Hope), Katharine Wall (Big Issue)

Previous meeting: accuracy, matters arising

Notified Business

BHF Starting Time - is 6 pm the best time for most people?

Rough Sleeper Count - brief report


  • Date confirmed: Friday 27 February 2015 at Pip 'n' Jay
  • Publicity and other arrangements
  • Any more news, ideas, suggestions?

Homelessness Awareness Week

  • 'Pop-up Fair' in the Galleries in the week before the Sleep Out - probably on Wednesday 25 February
  • Communication Plan

Christmas opening and closing - anything to report?

Information Share - previously circulated details

Information Sharing and Confidentiality

  • Sharing information about services and people. Please read the documents before the meeting:
    –   The Draft Agreement for the participating groups to sign up to; and
    –   The current Confidentiality Agreement used by CCM as an example of the sort of internal document you will need to use in order to take part.

BCAN - Future Options

  • Thoughts about BCAN
  • Where does BHF belong? (See the Information Share for some background details)

Faith Action Audit

  • Preparation in January, taking place in February 2015
  • Purpose and scope
  • Volunteers and information needed - please contact Paul

Involving the workers

  • How do we encourage participation from people employed to work in this field?

Ongoing Issues

  • Survival Handbook update
  • Toilet facilities for homeless people
  • Sister Jean
  • Positive Causes


Shared documents

Items for next agenda

Any other business

Future meetings

  • 12 March 2015
  • 14 May 2015

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