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BHF Agenda - 14 July 2016


6.30-8.00 pm, Julian House, Little Bishop Street




  • Those present, introductions
  • Apologies received:

Previous Meeting

  • Meeting notes 12 May: accuracy, corrections
  • Matters arising:
    Proposed 'Homes' board - will it go ahead?
    Update on 'Dean'?

Notified Business

Homeless Forum

  • Proposals for change (previously circulated)
  • Feedback
  • Decision?
  • Core team members
  • Meeting dates and times

Christmas 2016 closures (especially New Year's Eve)


  • Proposed date: Friday 24 February 2017
  • Anything else at this stage?

Homelessness Awareness Week

  • Proposed dates: Saturday 18 to Saturday 25 February 2017
  • Current plans

Information Share

Previously circulated details

Other details

Outstanding and Ongoing Issues

(Included so that we do not forget we have agreed to come back to these issues in a future meeting.)

  • Recruiting volunteers for the emergency overnight accommodation
  • Helping the Faith Communities reflect on their housing choices (using reflection, stories, etc.)
  • Involving more people: how do we encourage participation and partnership from other groups and people, including those employed to work in this field?
  • Survival Handbook update - when is the next edition due?
  • Toilet facilities for homeless people


Any Other Business

Shared Documents

  • Any updates?
  • New documents to share

Next Meeting

  • Items for the agenda
  • Place, date and time: currently Julian House on Thursday 8 September

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