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This page contains web links of general interest to the BCAN community, and to anyone involved in Christian social action in the Bristol area.


  • Addiction Arena: primarily publicity for books on addiction produced by several related publishers, but also provides some interesting news, links and other resources.
  • Addiction Today: the journal of the Addiction Recovery Foundation, a UK based charity dedicated to providing current information on the treatment and recovery from addictions and dependencies.
  • NTA: the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse. The NTA aims to increase the availability, capacity and effectiveness of treatment for drug misuse in England.



  • Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion: this is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working with Government, the voluntary sector, business and trade unions. All their information is available on the Internet, but to get the up to date news you have to subscribe.
  • DrugScope: "informing policy, reducing risk".
  • Health & Safety Executive: the alcohol and drugs page.
  • New Scientist Cannabis Articles: an informative and helpful collection of relatively impartial research.
  • South West Drug Strategy: the Government Office of the South West ('GOSW') have produced this informative site.
  • Tackling Drugs: the cross-government national drug strategy website for drug prevention and treatment professionals and others interested in drug strategy.
  • Using Heroin: the Joseph Rowntree Foundation are conducting research into people who use heroin infrequently or in small amounts over long periods of time, and this web site contains a survey as one part of that research.



  • Black Development Agency ('BDA'): exists to empower Black and Minority Ethnic communities by building up their skills, ability and capacity to enable a sustainable Black Voluntary and Community Sector.
  • BMEspark: registering here gives you access to a useful site providing information on anti-discriminatory practice and culturally sensitive provision of services, with a focus on black and minority ethnic needs.
  • Voscur Equalities Network: for groups working with Women, Disabled people, Black and Other Minority Ethnic Communities, Lesbians and Gay Men, Young people and Older people.


General Links

  • Ask Bristol: sign up to to give your views on issues that affect your life in bristol.
  • Beaming: the news and media site of the Bristol Evangelical Alliance.
  • CARELINKuk: a comprehensive, open-access, fully searchable, web-based directory of caring services in the UK.
  • Charities Evaluation Service: this is the main source of information on evaluation and quality in the voluntary sector.
  • Charity Logistics: Charity Logistics exists to serve its members by providing cost savings on goods and services. They also offer advice and help across a range of issues that affect their members. Membership is free and open to charities and most not for profit organisations.
  • Compact: the Compact is the agreement between the Government and the whole Voluntary and Community Sector made in 1998.
  • CSIP Knowledge Community: the Care Services Improvement Partnership supports positive changes in services and in the wellbeing of vulnerable people with health and social care needs.
  • Health and Safety Information: for employers in the Community and Voluntary Sector. Useful information provided by UNISON.
  • National Hubs: "improving support for the voluntary and community sector."
  • Social Economy Bristol: click on "Feedback & Mailing List" to get yourself added to the useful email list they operate.
  • Quartet Community Foundation: the new name for the organisation that used to be the Greater Bristol Foundation. They "connect those who require financial help with those who wish to offer financial help".
  • The Big Leap: a campaign to encourage everyone to give their extra 'leap year' day in 2004 to charity.
  • Voluntary Sector Skills: information and news on workforce skills development within the voluntary and community sector - for paid staff, volunteers and trustees.
  • Voscur: the voice of Bristol's voluntary and community sector. They also issue a free regular email letter - go to the Weekly updates page and follow the link to sign up.


Global Issues Forum

The Global Issues Forum has its own links page.


Homeless Forum Links

  • Caring at Christmas: helping the homeless at Christmas and throughout the year.
  • Cold Weather Group: a Bristol based charity that was set up in 1991 as an alliance of groups and individuals with the aim of increasing co-ordination and provision for homeless people sleeping rough in Bristol during the winter months.
  • Crisis Centre Ministries: bringing God's grace and healing love to people with life-disrupting problems.
  • Easton Salvation Army: a comprehensive site describing many aspects of the work they do, including the soup run and lunches for the homeless.
  • Emmaus: Emmaus offers homeless people a place where they can feel safe and secure, where they can enjoy companionship and the support of a community.



  • Caring in Bristol: a resource for agencies and other organisations who work with homeless people in and around Bristol.
  • Homeless Research: a site for the dissemination of research into homelessness by UK academics, and a convenient link to other sites of interest for those concerned with the problems of homelessness.
  • Homelessness Act: this site covers the provisions of the Homelessness Act 2002 and related legislation. This is an excellent resource, courtesy of Shelter. You need to register, but it is free, and then you can subscribe to some of the discussion forums. Subscribers can choose to receive weekly emails informing them of new forum messages.
  • Off the Streets and into Work: this is a London-based charity which helps people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, to rebuild their lives through learning new skills.
  • Shelter: the national Homelessness charity.





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