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This is part of the BCAN Road Map of services for homeless people. The main pages are:

Access: how can I find help? Timetable: when is it provided?
Services: what is provided? Organisations: who provides it?
Context: structures and policies Words: names and abbreviations
Related: relevant services Links: other web sites

The organisations have been put into four groups:

  • Council: run by the council.
  • Statutory: not council, but another statutory body.
  • Funded: not council or statutory, but receiving statutory funding
  • Voluntary: not council or statutory, and receiving no statutory funding


1.   Council Organisations
  1a.     Homelessness Policy and Strategy Team
  1b.     Preventing Homelessness Board
  1c.     Housing Solutions
2.   Statutory Organisations
  2a.     Bristol Specialist Drugs Service
  2b.     The Milne Centre
3.   Funded Organisations
  3a.     Bristol Drugs Project
  3b.     The Compass Centre
  3c.     Jamaica Street Hostel
  3d.     New Street Centre
  3e.     Shelter
4.   Voluntary Organisations
  4a.     Aspire
  4b.     The Big Issue
  4c.     Bristol Methodist Centre
  4d.     Bristol Samaritans
  4e.     Bristol Soup Run Trust
  4f.     Crisis Centre Ministries
  4g.     Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft
  4h.     Serenity House
  4i.     The Sisters of the Church

1.   Council Organisations

The council commissions and contracts The Compass Centre (amongst a range of homelessness grant funded services, such as Nightstop), the New Street Centre (to be renamed the Wellbeing Centre and to be run from next June by St Mungos and Second Step, in partnership), as well as most of Bristol's hostels (via Supporting People contracts)

1a.   Homelessness Policy and Strategy Team

Following a root and branch service review, Friday 22 January 2010 is the last day of the Homelessness Policy and Strategy Team. After this date, its roles and responsibilities will be taken on by two other teams within Bristol City Council:

  • Housing Advice Team (part of Housing Solutions)
  • Commissioning and Performance Team (part of Strategy and Commissioning)

From 25 January, the Homelessness Policy Officers will retain their current contact details but will be based in the Housing Advice Team at Schooner House: Hywel Caddy, Julie Matthews, Tom Rhodes and Richard Wadsworth.

1b.   Preventing Homelessness Board

The Preventing Homelessness Board will report to the Bristol Partnership (via Homes4Bristol). It is part of the consultation structures provided by the council.

The Preventing Homelessness Board will have a number of sub-groups, such as:

  • TREEE (formerly MOTG)
  • Case Review Group
  • 16+ Panel
  • Hostels Review Group

1c.   Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions is a department (or 'service') within the council. The Service manager is Richard Nochar. Richard reports to Nick Hooper, who is the Service director, strategic housing.

Housing Solutions includes:

  • Housing Advice Team (Rob Risdale)
  • Single Point of Access Team (Frank Troke)
  • Rehousing - predominantly Home Choice Bristol (Paul Sylvester)
  • Welfare Rights and Money Advice (Ruth Frost)
  • Private Renting Team (Olly Alcock). The aim of this team is to maximise access to and sustainment in private rented accommodation, as well as access to the council's two families hostels.
  • Tenant Support Service (Mike Wyatt)

2.   Statutory Organisations

2a.   Bristol Specialist Drugs Service

Address: The Blackberry Centre, Blackberry Hill Hospital, Bristol, BS16 2EW.

Telephone: 0117 378 4500.

Provides treatment services for drug users in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. You cannot self-refer. Access is via BDP or your GP.

2b.   The Milne Centre

A specialist clinic providing testing and treatment for sexually related conditions including HIV/AIDS.

3.   Funded Organisations

3a.   Bristol Drugs Project

Address: 11 Brunswick Square, Bristol, BS2 8PE

The principal activity of Bristol Drugs Project is to reduce substance-related harm.

3b.   The Compass Centre

Address: 1 Jamaica Street, Bristol, BS2 8JP.

The Compass Centre is on the ground floor, below the Jamaica Street Hostel. To get in, you need to take the door on the right.

The Manager of the Night Centre, Jeremy Townend, manages the provision of the Night Centre service. This sevice is referal only, it is NOT a night shelter. Clients who wish to access the Night Centre need to be referred by the Outreach Team. There is a direct access night shelter at Little Bishop St, off Wilder St (not open Thursdays & Sundays).

The Support Manager of the Outreach Team, Dawn Osbourne-Tiller, manages the Assertive Outreach service engaging with rough sleepers in Bristol. Manages the referall of rough sleepers to the Night Centre. This team is based at the Compass Centre, but only sees clients there by appointment. If you want to help a rough sleeper access this service, refer them to New St Day Centre.

The TREE Coordinator, Christian Maenzanise (email), is managed by Alabaré Christian Care Centres. Telephone 0117 944 0586 (land line) or 07786 033 154 (mobile). Once St Mungos take over running the Compass Centre, in the Autumn of 2009, the plan is to have two TREE workers: one will organise the training and run some of the classes, and the other will be responsible for outreach (getting the clients involved) and will have a caseload.

3c.   Jamaica Street Hostel

Address: 1 Jamaica Street, Bristol, BS2 8JP.

The hostel is on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors, above the Compass Centre. To get in, you need to take the door on the left.

The Support Manager, Mark Bearcroft, manages the provision of support to Hostel residents.

The Housing Manager, Bill Roberts, is responsible for all of the physical building management, and the landlords responsibilities. This includes the whole building and premises of 1 Jamaica St.

The Support Manager and Housing Manager are line-managed by the Performance Manager for Bristol, Ian Stenner.

3d.   New Street Centre

In June 2010, this will be renamed the Wellbeing Centre and will be run by St Mungos and Second Step, in partnership.

3e.   Shelter

Address: 34 Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8RG.

Telephone: 0844 515 1430.

Run the Shelter 'Homeless to Home' project.

4.   Voluntary Organisations

4a.   Aspire

Address: Unit 20, Barton Hill Trading Estate, Maze Street, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 9TQ.

Telephone: 0117 954 0861.

Web site: www.aspire-bristol.co.uk.

Full time employment and work placements for homeless and ex-homeless people. Training and support provided to assist people making the transition into work.

4b.   The Big Issue

The Big Issue offers:

  • The means to earn a legitimate income.
  • 5 free magazines to get you started.
  • Support with money management. Clients have access to a vendor bank and, when they have been vending for a while, opportunities to open credit union and bank accounts.
  • A signposting service to any relevant drug, alcohol or housing agencies.

To use the service (to get 'badged-up') you would need:

  • To be homeless or vulnerably housed (in a hostel, B&B, night centre or supported accommodation).
  • To provide a letter from a day centre or key worker as proof of circumstances.
  • To provide another form of ID (preferably a form of photo ID, but NI number is ok).
  • To be willing to abide by the Big Issue code of conduct.
  • To buy an official jacket (the cost is £10, which is refundable when you stop selling).

4c.   Bristol Methodist Centre

Address: 31-33 Midland Road, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0JT.

Telephone: 0117 954 0708.

Drop-in, free meals, shower and laundry facilities.

4d.   Bristol Samaritans

Address: 37 St Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1TP.

Telephone: 0117 983 1000.

Web site: www.samaritans.org/bristol.

Drop-in and telephone support.

4e.   Bristol Soup Run Trust

Contact: Graham Wheeler (chair).

Telephone: 0117 908 7934.

Provide soup, sandwiches, coffee, biscuits, toiletries, blankets and information on services available for homeless people.

4f.   Crisis Centre Ministries

Address: 12 City Road, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8TP.

Telephone: 0117 942 3088.

Web site: www.crisis-centre.org.uk.

Contact: the Office Manager (email)

Crisis Centre Ministries ('CCM') has been running continually since 1984, providing a range of services to the vulnerable people in Bristol.

The two major projects run by CCM are the LITE Course (life skills training) and The Wild Goose (food and drop-in).

Also runs a Life Recovery Group on Friday evenings and Home Church on Saturday evenings. Please contact CCM for more details.

4g.   Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft

Address: PRSC HQ, 35 Jamaica Street, Bristol, BS2 8JP

Contact: Rachael Marmite (email)

Telephone: 07515 263 722

PRSC don't work with homeless people in any professional/official way but sometimes have volunteer opportunities e.g. street cleaning, clearing, painting etc

Rachael is happy to meet people who might be interested to volunteer and take their contact details for when such opportunities arise. To volunteer, people have to be sober (or virtualy sober) and willing to work. PRSC are not a drop in centre!

4h.   Serenity House

Bristol Alcoholism Recovery Service

Address: Serenity House, 43 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1TP

Telephone: 0117 927 7839

Run the Recovery Dynamics twelve-step programme.

4i.   The Sisters of the Church

The Community of the Sisters of the Church.

Address: 82 Ashley Road, St Pauls, Bristol BS6 5NT.

Provide food parcels and hot and cold drinks.


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